5 Creative Bible Study Ideas to Renew Your Quiet Time

5 Creative Bible Study Ideas to Renew Your Quiet Time

Is Bible study feeling a little . . . blah?

Many Christians are afraid to admit they’re slacking on Bible study. The Word of God is so beautiful and important—but there’s no shame if you’re feeling a little lost in it sometimes. Bible study boredom happens to everyone, and it’s just part of the Christian walk.

What matters is that you’re aware that your Bible study practice needs a little revamp—and you desire to keep persevering, no matter how you feel. We hope these ideas will help you change your strategy and find light in your Bible once again.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

Creative Bible Study Ideas to Refresh Your Quiet Time

1) Use a Journaling Bible

If you’re a visual learner, adding a colorful and creative element to your Bible study might help bring back some spark. Journaling Bibles are extremely popular and include space in the margins for drawings, stickers, and notes. Many creatives even draw on the Bible pages, creating different themes for different stories.

After completing the assigned reading for the day, reward yourself with a few extra minutes of coloring and creativity. Meditate on what you learned and use the scriptures to inspire your art. This method may even enhance your scripture memory.

2) Listen to Your Bible While at the Gym (Psst. Don’t Forget Your Christian Activewear!)

Can you prioritize Jesus while completing other tasks? Absolutely. It’s called habit pairing, and sometimes it’s totally necessary.

If you’re feeling stressed with a mile-long to-do list, it might help you get your feet on the ground and fill your spirit with the Word of God.

Once you establish a Bible study habit that begins at the gym, it’ll feel totally natural. You can watch TV, listen to podcasts, and call a friend at the gym—why not hear from Jesus, too?

You may want to start by listening to a sermon or a devotion on audiobook. Once you feel more comfortable, don’t be afraid to pull out your Bible and spread it out on the treadmill or listen to the free audio Bible on YouVersion.

If you frequent the local gym, be sure to check out our Christian activewear and Christian sweatshirts for a cozy fit that reminds you of your faith.

3) Join a Bible Reading Program

Raise your hand if you’re competitive! Bible reading programs work by assigning chapters and verses for you to complete each day. Usually, you’ll do some reading in the New Testament, Old Testament, and Psalms.

Post your Bible reading program on your fridge or fold it up inside your Bible. As you complete each assignment, cross it off.

If this isn’t enough for you, you can join other Christian readers online. Churches often have Bible reading programs, too, which you can complete with your friends.

4) Stagger the Old and New Testaments

You’ve been disciplined about your Bible study. Every morning, you wake up with the sun and immediately turn the pages of God’s word—and you’re obsessed with what you’re learning. That is . . . until you’re deep in Leviticus genealogies.

The Old Testament is no joke. It’s often the books of law that deter Bible reading and kill faithful habits. If this is your experience, you should try staggering “boring” Bible passages with the ones you find most interesting.

For example, if you’re obsessed with Paul’s writing, then read a chapter from the Epistles and one from the historical books. Whenever you read something that feels tough to get through, reward yourself with a section of the Bible that lights you up.

5) Research Historical Context

What does a blood covenant actually mean? Why did the woman touch Jesus’s robe? Why did the veil tear when Jesus died?

If you think the Bible is fascinating now, wait until you learn the historical context. In almost every passage of scripture, there is a gem hidden within that cannot be dug out without deep knowledge of Hebrew and Greek cultures.

You're not alone if you’ve never opened your mind to historical context. But we promise you won’t be disappointed. There are lots of resources you can find to help you improve your historical knowledge. Commentaries, Blue Letter Bible, and books like Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes are all fantastic places to start.

The Ministry of Studying Your Bible in Public

Have you ever heard your pastor or Bible study leader talk about reading their Bible in public? This is an older practice that many evangelicals have found helpful in leading others to the Lord.

Sit down at your local coffee shop and open your highlighted pages to a chapter and verse. As you read, ask God to bring anyone into your path who might be interested in knowing more about Jesus.

This practice is especially helpful for introverts—since it doesn’t require approaching people on your own. Instead, the Holy Spirit leads people to you.

Well, we’ve got a modern twist on the public Bible study trend! It’s Christian clothing.

Whether you’re completing a Bible study in public or at home, we recommend using a cozy Christian sweatshirt to get you in the Bible study space. And maybe someone will see that cross on your Christian apparel and God will bring someone to approach you.

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