Your Next Outdoor Adventure Is an Opportunity to Connect with God on a Deeper Level

Your Next Outdoor Adventure Is an Opportunity to Connect with God on a Deeper Level

If you’re an avid hiker, you know the outdoors is one of the best places to go to relax and rejuvenate after a busy week. Whether it’s a slow stroll down a nature pathway or your personal best up a mountain summit, hiking allows you to reconnect with yourself and with the world around you.

But even with all the fresh air and beauty surrounding you . . . do you ever feel like you’re missing out on something even bigger? Honestly, it’s tempting to use our hiking time to plug in an entertaining podcast, chat with a friend, or listen to our favorite indie music playlist.

But for moments when you need to feel the power of God deeply in your life, it’s important to be intentional—especially when exploring God’s creation. 

If you’re waiting for a breakthrough, an answer to prayer, or simply want to be closer to God, try some of these tips to help you connect with God on your next hike. 

1) Memorize Scripture

Scripture memorization is somewhat of a lost art. When your phone is always on hand, it’s easy to google scripture verses instead of racking your brain for the chapter, verse, and translation.

Take it from us—there’s nothing more meaningful than allowing the Holy Spirit to infiltrate your mind with memorized scripture. Often, God’s word comes right when you need it the most.

On your next hike, choose a verse to memorize based on a book of the Bible or a meaningful topic (for example, God’s love).

To make the process even easier, try using a Bible memory verse app.

2) Bring a List of Prayers

There’s a lot in your life that you need to pray over . . . but finding the time is a struggle. When you’re on a hike, there’s only you, the birds, your chafing thighs, and God to keep you company. So it’s a good opportunity to spend a few uninterrupted hours talking to Him. Prayer walks are a common practice for many Christian prayer warriors and missionaries across the globe.

When you commit your hike to prayer, imagine yourself walking alongside all the other thousands of Christians across the world who are talking to God with you.

If you struggle knowing what to pray, try filling out this list: 

  • Prayers for yourself.
  • Prayers for friends and family.
  • Prayers for persecuted Christians.
  • Prayers for missionaries around the world.

3) Listen to a Biblical Podcast, Audiobook, or Catch Up on a Sermon

Open your mind to Biblical teaching in the form of a podcast or audiobook. There are tons of great resources out there to help you learn more about the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and what it means to be a Christian.

Well-known modern Bible teachers like Francis Chan, Phylicia Masonheimer, and Tim Keller can be found on podcasts (in your phone’s podcast library or on Spotify). And the works of classic teachers like C.S. Lewis, Corrie ten Boom, and Charles Spurgeon can be found as audiobooks.

Of course, most churches these days have their sermons recorded. So if you’ve been meaning to catch up on a sermon, it’s a great idea to find your church online and listen that way.

It’s common for seasoned Christians to plateau in their biblical learning. But this just means it’s time to shake it up. If you’ve always listened to modern preachers, try experimenting with some classic theologians. Remember—God is listening with you. Ask Him to reveal something new to you in today’s audiobook or podcast session—and He probably will!

4) Engage in an Uplifting Spiritual Conversation

If you’re craving social interaction, call a Christian friend while you hike—or invite them to join you. As believers, we’re called to build each other up in the Lord.

Chat about your favorite Christian resources, or ask deep questions about your friend’s spiritual health, mental health, and favorite God-moments. You’ll be surprised how encouraged and fulfilled you feel after your hike is over.

5) Support Your Local Non-Profit

Whether they are feeding the hungry, working to improve people’s mental health, or supporting families through a terminal illness diagnosis—non-profit organizations are an essential part of God’s work here on earth.

But what can you do on your hike to support Christian non-profit work? Actually, a lot of things! You can organize a drive for physical resources, like canned food and clothing. You can call your friends and encourage them to volunteer, and you can download the non-profit’s most recent prayer requests and lift them up to God.

Fun Fact

At Faith Center Co, we use our Christian apparel brand to raise funds for local non-profits. When you purchase one of our luxurious cotton scripture hoodies, you’re supporting Christian non-profit missions across Los Angeles and the world.

6) Wear God on Your Sleeve (Try Some Cozy Christian Apparel)

Christian apparel allows you to connect with your Heavenly Father—and be reminded of His grace every time you catch a glance of the intricate embroidery on your scripture hoodie. Let’s be honest—comfort is an important element when it comes to seeking God on your hike. When you’re too hot or too cold, it can be easy to get distracted.

The goal of our Christian clothing isn’t to be flashy. It’s to provide a reminder for you to keep God first, no matter where you are in the world.

Bring Faith Center Co with You on Your Next Hike

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