5 Ways to Challenge the Status Quo and Embrace Hope in the New Year

5 Ways to Challenge the Status Quo and Embrace Hope in the New Year

Have you noticed the recent increase in negativity surrounding New Year’s celebrations? After facing the struggles of the last three years, we understand why New Year’s might bring more skepticism than hope.

So how do we bring hope back into the holiday season? And how do we approach the new year from a Biblical perspective?

We’re so glad you asked. . . .

In the Bible, we learn that nothing in life is guaranteed—except for our salvation. Although we can make plans for the future, we’re called to live the adventure with Jesus—and go wherever He calls us.

In James, the scripture explains that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Instead of holding onto our best laid plans, we should keep an attitude that embraces the will of God.

On that note, here are some ways we can celebrate the New Year with hope—clinging to the promises of God.

1) Don’t Boast in Your New Year’s Intentions

Make the goals. Clock the hours. Commit to the projects that light you up. 

But when you write out your New Year’s resolutions, understand that your main objective is to follow God wherever He leads. And that might look a little different from what you have on paper.

It’s important to find common ground between making goals and opening your heart to God’s plans. It may feel difficult to give up control at first. But when you align your plans with God’s, you’ll feel more whole and fulfilled.

In James 4, the Bible encourages us not to boast in our plans for tomorrow. But instead, to humbly approach life from the standpoint of “if God wills, it will be done.”

2) Commit this Year to Prayer

Any plans created without prayers are only setting us up for failure. Sure, the world around us might commit to their New Year’s resolutions without consulting God first. But for those of us following Jesus, we choose a different path.

While you’re writing out your list of goals, spend some time praying over them. Commit each item on your list to Jesus and watch throughout the year as He enriches each of your plans!

3) Find an Accountability Partner

Accountability is a Christian principle. An accountability partner is someone who walks alongside you as you both reach for new heights in your Christian walk. Typically, you’ll meet with your accountability partner to set goals for the new year and chat honestly about where you’re at physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Whatever goals you hope to accomplish in the new year, your accountability partner should know about them.

Set up a time to regularly meet with your accountability partner—as you both set out on reaching your goals. During your meetings, you can iron out all the details of your New Year’s resolutions and—help each other find encouragement and hope along the journey.

Who knows—you may gain a lifelong friend from your accountability adventures.

4) Choose Faith-Based Goals for the New Year

Common New Year’s goals include things like financial adjustments or weight loss. As you’re reviewing last year, think about all the ways you’d like to improve your spiritual life in the year ahead.

As a Christian, faith-based New Year’s goals should be just as important as lifestyle goals—or, even more so!

Some faith-based goals you can consider include: 

  • Start a Bible reading plan
  • Increase your daily prayer time
  • Create space in your daily routine to hear from the Holy Spirit
  • Begin volunteering at a faith-based ministry
  • Read more Christian books
  • Pursue evangelism (perhaps through avenues like Christian clothing)
  • Incorporate more hope-focused practices into your daily life
  • Read scripture whenever you’re feeling anxious

5) Start Habit Pairing

Habit pairing uses routines that you’ve already created in order to establish new ones. For example, you already brush your teeth every morning. So, if your goal was to wear more jewelry in the new year, you can set up your jewelry stand right next to your toothbrush.

Or, if your goal is to listen to more Gospel-centered music, you can turn on the radio station while you brush your teeth—to get your day started.

Habit pairing uses small habits that build on each other in order to create bigger changes. Instead of creating a New Year’s resolution that requires huge lifestyle changes, habit pairing uses a holistic approach to getting things done.

A Hope and a Future — Receiving the Kindness of Jesus in the New Year

In Philippians 4:6, it says, “Do not be anxious for anything.” In fact, sprinkled throughout the New and Old Testaments, God is constantly reminding us to cast our cares on Him.

While the world may have a negative outlook on New Year’s celebrations (due to previous disappointments), we know that God holds yesterday, today, and the future. Whatever is ahead, He is ready to meet us there in our sorrow and in our joy.

A new year is a brand new promise from God. Let’s open our arms to receive a “hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Faith-Based Clothing to Start Your New Year off Right

Do you hope to share the Gospel more in 2023 but you’re not quite sure how to get started? We created Faith Center Co. as an easy entrance into evangelism—even for the most introverted Christian.

For unbelievers, this new year may be a dark time. Your scripture-focused Christian sweatshirt can spread the light of Christ—even when you’re walking down the street.

Christian clothing not only shares a positive message of hope, it can also spark conversations that can lead to eternal changes.

Our recommendation? Make faith-based clothing an essential part of your New Year’s resolutions—and watch how easy it becomes to organically share the Gospel with those around you.

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