Faith Center Co. was created to foster community, celebrate diversity, and encourage unity under God. We believe that loving one another comes second only to loving God, and our clothing line is a direct representation of that mentality. When you wear Faith Center Co. pieces, you are wearing your love for God on your sleeve (literally). Through this, we are working to spread the Word of God in hopes of creating peace and harmony in our world.

We are a small company of three women that came together under the most unlikely of circumstances. Each of us were led to God in a different manner, but our individual journeys brought us to the birth of Faith Center Co. We work and live in Los Angeles, California, where our clothes are designed, sourced, fabricated, screen printed, dyed, packaged, and blessed. All of our items are made with the highest-quality cotton and materials.

By joining forces with non-profit organizations across LA, we have the ability to give what we can, shining God’s light into even the darkest of corners. If you have a non-profit, summer camp, or other group that is in need, we would love to hear about it. Please email us at for more information.

May you be the person God created you to be and may He bless you abundantly. God bless, and thank you for being here.

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