Wardrobe Change: How to Optimize Your Christian Clothing Wardrobe for Spring

Wardrobe Change: How to Optimize Your Christian Clothing Wardrobe for Spring

Spring is a time to reinvent yourself. As the flowers open up to reach peak bloom, you can, too. It’s time to shake off the cold of the winter months and unleash your bright and bold style.

As you unbox all your favorite spring Christian clothing outfits (and go on a few shopping sprees), these unique spring styling trends will help you refine your wardrobe while sharing your faith.

What’s Trending: 2023 Christian Clothing to Bring in Spring

Welcome to your chic era.

The memories you make in 2023 will live on in scrapbooks, retro social media posts, and especially in your memories.

Clothes are a way of expressing yourself—so pick outfits you’ll be proud to have represent this exciting era of your life. From minimalist styles to layers and athleisure sets, we envision you living your best life with Christian clothing outfits that feel like you.

Best Layer Outfit Ideas for Spring

Pair your pattern crop top with an oversized blazer. Christian t-shirts covered by a warm Christian crewneck make the perfect outfit for a National Park stargazing session.

Layering Tip: We recommend pairing a tight clothing item with a loose-fitting one. For instance, a tight shirt with a baggy overcoat or tight leggings and a baggy shirt. Typically, this style is more flattering and gives movement and dimension to your outfit.

Find Your Layered Christian Clothing Outfit

Christian Athleisure Sets for Luxury Lounging

For lazy spring break vacation days, you need an outfit that does everything. Go from brunch to window shopping to Netflix binging. Matching athleisure sets (our favorite is tie-dyed) make you feel put together—but also provide that comfortable almost-pajamas feel.

Matching Athleisure Sets

Add a Finishing Touch — Christian Accessories Deserve Time in the Spotlight

Your favorite Christian crewneck needs a finishing touch. A few simple accessories can take your athleisure set from lounge to everyday casual. Add earrings, hair bands, keychains, hats, and totes for a little extra pep in your step.

Browse Christian Accessories

Eco-Friendly Fabric Choices

What’s actually trendy in 2023? Fabric choices that care about the environment.

Here’s the deal: most clothing (especially athleisure sets, like leggings and sports bras) are made with plastic. When those clothes wear out, they end up in landfills and take a long time (read: up to 500 years) to break down.

We’re passionate about eliminating environmental waste and spreading the love of God to our future generations—by caring about the planet.

When your Faith Center Co. clothes have been well-loved and worn out, they can be composted and may break down in as little as a few weeks.

Shop Eco-Friendly Fabrics

With Vintage Trends, Everything Is En Vogue

Protect the planet, save your wallet, and get lots of compliments on your Christian clothing choices. Vintage styles are soaring in popularity—from 90s-inspired pieces to early 2000s. If you lived through these eras yourself, you likely see a lot of clothing on store racks that bring back memories.

Some of our favorite vintage trends include: plaid patterns, minimalist designs, low-rise pants and skirts, and daisy chains—all with a heavy emphasis on individual style and design.

Start Your Vintage Inspired Collection with Our Daisy Hoodie

We’re Trading Fast Fashion for Conscious Shopping

Have you heard? We’re tossing our fast fashion wardrobe in favor of slow fashion.

What exactly is slow fashion?

It’s a fashion movement that seeks to eliminate waste and unfair trade and to promote conscious shopping.

Pursuing slow fashion and intentional shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. For us, it’s about choosing outfits and accessories you’re head-over-heels in love with—and then wearing them for a long time.

With slow fashion you:

  • Only buy what you need
  • Use it until it wears out
  • Ensure your clothing is fair trade
  • Buy fabrics that easily break down or recycle
  • Encourage others to pursue a low-waste lifestyle
  • Don’t get caught up in materialism

Being good stewards of our property and our finances is a Biblical principle. Even if you can’t achieve all of these pillars of slow fashion, you can still be part of the movement. Start small, do what you can, and commit your resources to God in prayer.

Christian Crewnecks and Cargo Pants

We’re trading in our purses for do-it-all cargo pants. The epitome of functionality, cargo pants provide tons of comfort along with dozens of utility pockets. Extra baggy pants are in style—and look great with a tight crop top. To layer, pair it with a Christian crewneck (for a vintage flare) and white Converse.

Shop Christian Crewnecks

The Most Essential Fashion Trend of 2023: Wearing Your Faith on Your Sleeve

Fashion trends come and go. The ways we express ourselves will change. And in just a few years, we’ll be moving on from cargo pants, daisy hoodies, and Christian crewnecks to something fresh.

But one thing that shouldn’t change is our commitment to sharing the Gospel. When Jesus gave us the Great Commission, it was His intention for us to share His good news to the ends of the earth—and until the end of time.

One way we believe God has charged us to complete that mission is through Christian clothing. By wearing your faith on your sleeve, you can start conversations and share God’s love with everyone around you.

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