Our Mission Behind Christian Apparel

Our Mission Behind Christian Apparel

A Christian Clothing Brand That Fosters Community, Celebrates Diversity, and Encourages Unity

Our love language is cozy hoodies, Biblical truth, and engaging community. It’s what inspired us to start a Christian clothing brand that combined all three—while giving you a tangible t-shirt or hoodie that represents your mission on earth.

We knew if we started Faith Center Co., we had to do it right.

Our brand focuses on fostering community between believers and non-believers. Christian athletic apparel and faith-based t-shirts offer a subtle introduction to what Christianity is really about. It’s a ministry that we really believe is doing a lot of good in the world.

By celebrating diversity, we are honoring the individual gifts we’ve been given and the spaces Jesus has planted each of us in. We believe that as a child of God you are part of God’s mission, no matter your background, culture, skin color, or personality. You shouldn’t have to find your Christian mission outside of yourself. Instead, we hope to encourage you to use your own unique background and gifts to share the love of Jesus in the most authentic way you can.

Encouraging unity is a Biblical principle. We’re particularly inspired by Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 1:10, where he says, “Now I exhort you, brothers and sisters, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all agree and that there be no division among you, but that you be made complete in the same mind and in the same judgment.

In the modern world, there are so many things that get between us and other believers—like evangelism styles, scriptural interpretations, and denominations. But once we reach eternity with Jesus, none of that will matter.

What’s important now is that we’re all on the same mission to find Jesus within our hearts—and to share Him with a world that’s starving for His goodness.

All that matters to us is that you’re on the same mission.

Wearing God’s Love on Your Sleeve Could Impact Others in Ways You Can’t Imagine

Right now, someone is praying for a sign from God. Maybe today that sign will come in the form of your faith-based t-shirt or Christian athletic apparel. Perhaps the words “God loves you” embroidered on the back of your hoodie will be just enough to keep them going.

Think back to your own story. God probably used lots of little moments to bring you into His loving arms. It was the words of a close friend, a special quote from your pastor’s sermon, and something you heard from God in a dream. We often think we need to lead the salvation prayer in order to make an impact for the Kingdom. This isn’t true at all. Sometimes it’s the smallest things—your encouragement during a hard time, the groceries you bought for a neighbor, or even your t-shirt—that makes the biggest impact.

Be obedient to God and do what you can to share your faith. But remember that at the end of the day, it’s the Holy Spirit who really does the work.

Christian Apparel Reminds You Who You Serve

A common misconception about Christian merch is that it’s only for other people’s gain. But how often do you need a reminder of God’s faithfulness to you? How often do you need to hear about His love and His kindness that has no end?

As a Christian clothing brand, we embrace the idea that your faith-based t-shirt is just as much for you as it is for the people you come in contact with. When you pull the shirt over your head or glance at yourself in the mirror, remember that God is always by your side and ready to offer comfort, encouragement, and hope.

Non-Profit Support for Local Community

Your ministry starts with the local community—the same people who walk your sidewalks and go to your local Starbucks. Everyone you come in contact with needs Jesus desperately.

We engage with our local community in Los Angeles by donating proceeds from our Christian merch to help other organizations feed the poor and give to the least of these. 

Pro Tip: If you have a non-profit ministry you’d like Faith Center Co. to support, reach out to us at info@faithcenterco.com.

Harmonious Living with Nature and People

Living in the desert gives you a whole different perspective on conservation and eco-friendly materials (welcome to Los Angeles!). When we started Faith Center Co., we knew we wanted to honor God in the way our clothing was created and in how it impacted the earth. We also made it our mission to ensure everyone involved in the Christian merch process—from production to sales—was given a fair wage and equal opportunity.

These principles allow us—and you—to feel good about where your clothing came from.

A Christian Clothing Brand That Believes Everyone Matters

Whether you’ve recently come to Christ or you’ve known Him for years, His heart is to draw you even closer to Him. No matter what you’re going through or what mistakes you’ve made, God is here to welcome you home as His beloved child.

You matter. You are worth taking up space. You are needed in the world.

And so is your neighbor. So is every person you pass on the street. Even your favorite actor or actress is being pursued by the Father.

Next time you wear a cozy faith-based t-shirt, we hope you are reminded that God’s heart is always turned toward you. Through the small things, He is working in your life now and in the future. Never forget that despite everything the world has to throw at you today, God will always win tomorrow.

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