Your Complete Guide to Christian Clothing

Your Complete Guide to Christian Clothing

“Proclaim His salvation day after day” (Psalm 96:2b).

Have you ever considered building your wardrobe to proclaim the message of the Gospel? It might seem like a weird concept at first, but think about it: we are called to represent Jesus in every way. Why not do it through our clothing?

In 2 Corinthians 5:20, Paul says, “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.”

If you’re considering diversifying your wardrobe with Christian apparel, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you create a closet that does good and looks good.

Does God Provide Guidelines on How You Should Dress?

Did you know? The Old Testament actually does have a dress code for followers of God. Coat tassels mentioned in Deuteronomy 22:12 are supposed to remind Christians of their commitment to God. Other dress code requirements are mentioned throughout the Bible, although most of them are no longer used today.

The purpose of coat tassels and other dress requirements was to point people back to their Savior. They served as a constant reminder that Christians should be set apart. Today, your wardrobe can do the same. 

Ideas to Help You Build Your Christian Clothing Wardrobe

Christian T-Shirts

Wearing a Christian t-shirt doesn’t mean you have to relive your Vacation Bible School days. It also doesn’t mean you have to share your faith with everyone you come in contact with. Wearing a Christian t-shirt can be a subtle way of letting people know you’re a safe person to come to if they have questions about Jesus.

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Christian Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Some days, we need to be wrapped from head to toe in the love of God. A Christian hoodie is a subtle hint that God is with you—and that He cares about even your smallest needs. Next time you need to feel God’s tangible love, pull on your favorite hoodie, curl up under a throw blanket, and open your Bible.

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Christian Shorts

Hello to your new favorite pair of shorts! We’re pretty big fans of outdoor activities (like hiking!), and we think these shorts will be the cutest accessory for your next walk. They’re 100% cotton, which means they’re extra cool on hot summer days. They’re outfitted with the best pockets in the business, too!

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Christian Gym Apparel

If you’re a regular at your local gym, then you have a mission field right in front of you. Physical activity bonds people together—and gives you opportunities to talk openly about the hope you have in Christ. If you go at the same time every day, you’ll begin to form relationships with other gym buddies—which opens the door for evangelism.

Gym evangelism has become so popular that Christian clothing brands actually create outfits for the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel.

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What You Should Look for in a Christian Clothing Brand

Ready to begin your new and improved wardrobe? Here are some things to look for when you start shopping for Christian clothing (in addition to awesome styles and color options, of course!)

1) Christian Clothing Should Be Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade

Unfortunately, a lot of fast fashion today is made with overseas slave labor and creates environmental waste. As Christians, we believe everyone and everything involved in our business should receive the utmost respect and dignity. That’s why we ensure our Christian apparel is safe for the people and places involved in the process.

2) Christian Clothing Brands Should Give Back to the Community

When God blesses us, we bless others! Faith Center Co is not just on a mission to fill a gap in Christian merchandise. We’re looking to build a community that supports local Christian ministries and gives back to the neighborhoods surrounding us. Our prayer is that we’ll always be a place you can rely on for faith-centered encouragement and hope—and a place ministries feel comfortable asking for support.

When you purchase something from Faith Center Co, portions of the profits will go to local ministries in Los Angeles or around the world.

3) Christian Clothing Should Value Representing Jesus

It’s not just about what you look like on the outside—although it’s certainly important to proudly display your faith! We encourage you to focus on what’s inside before dressing up your wardrobe.

We take the same approach here at Faith Center Co. What’s on the inside—faith, acceptance, love, and peace—are at the forefront of our ministry. We hope that’s something you experience while visiting our shop.

Christian Apparel Reminds You of Your Personal Commitment to God

If you grew up in the church, you might already be familiar with the idea of Christian apparel. Maybe your mom told you to wear your John 3:16 sweatshirt around your non-Christian friends at school. Or maybe you got a t-shirt at a Christian concert that was supposed to encourage strangers to ask you about the Bible.

Don’t get us wrong—evangelism is great. But have you ever considered that Christian apparel might be just as beneficial to you, too? When you keep God close, He’ll keep you close, too.

When you pull a scripture hoodie over your head in the morning, it can remind you to read God’s Word. When you roll up your sleeves at meal time, they can remind you to pray. Christian clothing is a constant reminder of your commitment to God—and His commitment to you.

So wear it proudly. And allow His love to overwhelm you.

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